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SARI CAKES is a love letter to edible artistry from our founder and director Rish Patel.  After graduating from UCL in London a few years back, he travelled the world where he discovered his passion for food and his love of art! Rish decided to combine both of his passions in the form of cake and create a brand where the sole focus is to create the World's Most Luxurious Hand Decorated Cakes. 

He wanted to avoid stencils completely and was fed up of seeing the same cakes on the shelf which would say 'Luxury Hand Decorated' when he knew the customer deserved so much better.  

He focused on creating something unique, colourful, luxury and which was truly hand decorated.  After years of practise, going through hundreds of piping bags and thousands of eggs, Rish launched Sari Cakes in 2014 to the food lovers of London and was blown away with the positive response. 

Soon after launching Sari Cakes started supplying the finest department stores in the UK, and was regularly featured in the most popular of fashion magazines. He has focused on building the luxury brand to the success it is today and now spends his time mostly covered in icing working on stunning bespoke creations for our loving clients. 

Sari Cakes do not use stencils and pipe all of our cakes FREEHAND. We are inspired by the ancient art of henna where the most beautiful of designs are decorated completely by free hand and without the use of any stencils. 

This allows each and every one of our Sari Cakes to be a unique edible masterpiece in its own way.

They take an incredible labour intensive process  in order to decorate and many still call our team completely mad for spending so many hours on such beautiful cakes which eventually get eaten. 

We believe this is so much more than just a cake. Combined with our super luxurious packaging options they will be sure to impress anyone. We have spent years perfecting the flavours and adding to the range of designs too. Now we are incredibly proud to say Sari Cakes have been enjoyed at Royal Weddings, High-end events, Celebrity parties, Corporate functions, and many celebrations around the country and beyond. 

If you would like to contact our Founder Rish Patel please use the email below and he will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. 









All cakes are made to order to ensure they arrive fresh at your door. 

Sponge cakes include one layer of moist sponge covered in buttercream frosting decorated with fondant and royal icing. 

We advise you consume sponge cakes within 72 hours from delivery to ensure they are at their best. However they will keep good for one week from delivery.

Rich Fruit Cakes are baked with over 52% real fruit which is soaked in sherry prior to baking to ensure a moist delicious taste. 

Fruit cakes are covered with an apricot glaze and almond marzipan then decorated with fondant and royal icing. Rich fruit cakes will keep good for a minimum of two months from delivery.

Mini's are approximately 3 inches in diameter, 2 inches in height and are perfect for individuals or up to 4 persons to share. 6 inch cakes are 2 inches in height and are made for 4-8 persons to share.

Should you wish to purchase a combination of cakes not available online please get in touch and we will do our best to assist you.



All cakes are decorated inside our cake studio in West London, UK.

Sari Cakes currently supply a number of businesses with a bespoke range of unique artistic cakes. If you would like us to supply your business or if you want to become a stockist please contact our team for more information.

We are incredibly passionate about our cakes, quality and our customers.